Bloomsbury Bistro 3 Course Tasting Menu

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Bloomsbury Bistro 3-Course Tasting Menu


* Salad of baby organic field greens and garden herbs tossed in raspberry vinaigrette with grape tomatoes, roasted pistachios and crumbled Napa Valley goat cheese

* Caesar salad of romaine hearts and herbed croutons with shaved Bermuda onion and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

* Roasted Butternut squash bisque with Candied Granny Smith apples, rosemary croutons and crumbled Maytag Dairy blue cheese Chinese style pork dumplings “dim sum” wrapped in Savoy cabbage leaves with shiitake mushrooms, toasted sesame seeds and scallions in soy-ginger broth

* Sauté of sweet potato gnocchi and duck confit with Applewood smoked bacon, garden peas, crumbled Tasmania’s Roaring 40s blue cheese and sage brown butter

* Crispy fried risotto Arrinchini stuffed with Alpine Fontina cheese over spicy tomato coulis Provençal, with Picholine olives and shaved raw portabella salad

ENTREES (Choose One)

* Chicken Normandy: Skillet roasted breast and cider braised thigh of all natural chicken over skin-on mashed new potatoes with smoked bacon, baby carrots and green apples in rosemary-farmhouse cider cream

* Game bird Cassoulet: Roasted Bobwhite quail over “crock pot” Navy beans with a dried cherry spiked duck breast sausage “patty”, wilted spinach and dry Vermouth-juniper berry jus

* Alsatian Choucroute Garni: Slow cooked pork roast over mild house made sauerkraut and boiled heirloom potatoes, with spicy fennel sausage, baby carrots, asparagus and Dijon mustard broth Grilled leg of venison over a bowl of Hunter’s style venison ragoût with pearl onions, Cremini mushrooms, haricot verts and Chestnut-Parmesan risotto

* Scarlet Snapper sautéed in a herb crust over Petite Red Beans and wilted spinach with grilled Andouille sausage, cilantro and Louisiana crayfish tails in spicy roasted Red Bell pepper butter

* Wild mushroom polenta cake over a warm asparagus and wilted greens salad with sun dried tomato, May

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